Real Estate

Real Estate

The real estate industry remains strong, but it is also full of risks and challenges. Whether for investment, management or owner occupied, success in real estate requires long-term strategic planning as well as cost-effective management of day-to-day business operations. Our real estate industry team focuses on ensuring that your business has a solid strategic tax, budget and financial plan for long term profitability and that it is operating smoothly and efficiently.

As experienced business and financial advisors to many real estate professionals, we are familiar with the operational issues you face daily: operating in a highly competitive environment, retaining an effective work force, controlling cash shortfalls and varying profit margins, ensuring accurate material fulfillment and delivery time frames, and managing relationships with lending and bonding companies.

Additionally, real estate investors and managers need the understanding and expertise of a very complicated series of tax laws governing its taxation. Our firm’s experience in the area is extensive, including an in-depth knowledge of pass-thru entity taxation, elections to increase basis pursuant to IRC Section 754, IRC Section 1031 tax-free exchanges and various strategic planning techniques regarding passive loss rules.

Our professionals support real estate professionals by providing the advisory services needed to optimize your company’s financial integrity and operating efficiency for many years to come. 

Our broad range of services include:

  • Tax planning & compliance
  • Cost segregation
  • Property management accounting
  • Financial reporting, including audits, reviews, compilations and cash flow projections
  • Strategic planning
  • Acquisition analysis & due diligence
  • IRC Section 1031 exchanges

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